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Whether you can see visible mold on a surface or have just noticed a musty odor, Mayday Mold Solutions can identify and fix the problem. Don't worry about the potential health hazards of mold in your home; an experienced, professional inspection by Mayday Mold Solutions will put your mind at ease.

Serving the West Michigan Lakeshore and points north. 

Certified Mold Inspector

Certified Residential Environmentalist

Licensed Pesticide Applicator with a Microbial and Indoor Certification

When my daughter left for college, her cat decided that I would be her new person. She's been "helping" me run my business ever since.

When I decided to rebrand my business, it seemed fitting to put my mascot to work. Now Mayday the cat isn't just the office supervisor; she's the face of the company, too.



Inside of attic roof infected with mold. This attic had a bathroom fan venting into it causing a problem.

Inside of attic after removing the mold, and properly installing the bathroom fan. Problem solved.